Holidays and Healthy Pets: Live by these Habits for a Joyful Celebration

Holidays and Healthy Pets

This article, Holidays and Healthy Pets was first published on November 20, 2017 and updated on November 9, 2018.

Here we are in my favorite time of year.  I love the colors and the crisp, clean feel in the air.  And so begins our holiday season and a time of year to be extra watchful of our pets.  We want holidays and healthy pets to go together well. 

A Doggone Holiday

No, No, No to the greasy gravy and leftover turkey parts. That can lead to, at best, diarrhea and at worst, Pancreatitis– a life threatening and expensive vet stay. If you cannot resist sharing in the “Thanks”, give a tiny bit of mashed potato, or a roll. Dogs and cats are not built to digest grease and spices.  Better yet, take them for a walk! Keep lids on trash bins, close and tie the garbage bags, and put leftovers in the fridge to cool. Sometimes symptoms ofgastrointestinal upset might take a couple days to surface. So, just because Fido seems fine the next morning does not necessarily mean all is well.

Cat Up a Tree!

This time of year brings special worries for our pets, especially cats.  Cats will climb the tree, bat around and break glass balls, knock off balls and eat that little silver clip that holds the ring to the ball. Yes, I said eat as in swallow.  Why? This is a very good question that to my knowledge no Veterinarian has ever solved. But the radio-graphs (x-rays) do not lie, and there is that little silver spring that now must be removed surgically.  And then there is my favorite:  the popcorn and cranberry strings that are so much fun for the family to make together. And, yes, dogs love popcorn but the thread can be a killer–  literally.  That thread, once ingested, can act like a saw in smooth gut tissue. Another  life threatening decoration.  And there is the yummy leftover food issue. Again, “No.”

Safe Holidays and Healthy Pets

Please don’t think you and your pets cannot safely enjoy this coming holiday season.  But, as responsible pet owners, think about it from their point of view. As always, a good relationship with your Veterinarian and staff can help your pet remain safe during the holidays. I do not know a single Veterinarian that would mind your inquiry that might mean the difference between the life and death of your friend. When in doubt, call. And keep the Poison Control phone number on the refrigerator.

So, here is to joyous and safe Holidays and Healthy Pets!

Article submitted by:

Cristine Cameron

Licensed Veterinary Technician

This article first appeared in the Fall/Winter, 2015 edition of Vibrant Senior Options Resource Guide.

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