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Challenges with Holidays and Family Gatherings

Tips for a better holiday season when Dementia is involved.

Challenges with Holidays and Family Gatherings is written by Jami Myers, PAC Organization Designation Director and PAC Mentor

The full article can be found in Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care, in her Online Dementia Journal.


When it comes to celebrating the holidays (no matter the holiday season), I love to decorate, cook all the food, and participate in all the festivities. Is that the same for you or maybe something different?

My grandpa would say, What is all the fuss about? You could say we celebrate the holidays a little differently. A few years ago, I may have pushed my agenda of decorating his room at the community he lives in and encouraged him to participate in holiday activities he didn’t really find value in.

Now, I look at things a little differently. One tool that my family and I now use is called PIPES, developed by Teepa Snow and the Positive Approach to Care (PAC) Team. Here is how I use it when planning a holiday visit with my grandpa in his community. 

Continue to Positive Approach to Care website to read more about PIPES and six steps to get helpful ideas for challenges with holidays.

The PIPES steps include:

  • Prepare and Anticipate
  • Initiate
  • Participate
  • Evaluate
  • Sustain or Switch

See the link above for more information on these ideas to help with challenges with holiday gatherings.

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