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By Christine Blankenship | Vibrant Senior Options | December, 2020

side view of man's faceHow are we coping with COVID-19? Are we getting help with stress? How are we staying safe? Are we neglecting other very important health issues? Do we experience boredom or other difficulties from staying home and avoiding relatives and friends?

According to a Skagit Regional Health blog post, entitled Coping with the Broad Impacts of Covid-19, it is indicated that

Staying safe is more than just staying away from the COVID-19 Virus. Staying safe means practicing healthy behaviors, such as exercising, eating well, and getting enough sleep.

Alcohol Use as Coping

Some people cope by over-use of alcohol and then experience negative secondary issues as a result. As stated in the article,

Skagit Regional Health clinicians have seen a three-fold increase in the number of alcohol-related visits to our emergency rooms. People are using alcohol, it appears, to help to cope with some of the difficulties and boredom of being out of work and staying home. People are drinking way too much and coming in with complications…. They are presenting with withdrawal symptoms, stomach problems, injuries from falls and with suicidal ideation. It is important that we start a conversation about how to prevent this trend from increasing.

Seek Help

Coping during these difficult times means setting new patterns. This can begin by reaching out, or seeking help when you feel trapped in negative alcohol patterns. Therefore, seek help if you are feeling out of control, anxious, stressed or hopeless. There are several ways to seek help. One is to reach out to a church you attend, or one local to you. This is for prayer and resources to help you with the spiritual aspects of stress. Whether you are a church-going person or not, you should reach out to other community resources.

Community Resources that can help with stress

Confidential crisis line offered by the Volunteers of America at 1-800-584-3578

If you have lost a loved one or are experiencing loss of any kind, you may contact a Hospice provider. Hospice is known for assisting patients with significant illnesses. However, they also offer free support services for people coping with grief and loss.

Skagit County Senior Resources

Whatcom County Senior Resources

Island Count Senior Resources

San Juan County Senior Resources

Snohomish County Senior Resources

If you need help, please reach out and ask for support. You can contact one of the resources listed above or contact your doctor. As medical personnel would say,

Your health is essential.

Christine Blankenship

Publisher – Vibrant Senior Options

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