Getting a Grip on Your Entryways

Getting a Grip on Your Entryways is contributed by Grant Johnson, Owner – Mindsight Metal. This article is published in the Fall/Winter 2023 Edition of Vibrant Senior Options Resource Guide Magazine

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Your entryways are essential to your home’s daily function. Having a secure way to navigate your home’s entry points in any season or weather is crucial to any residence. Many modern and aged homes lack the safety needed when a slip, trip, or fall occurs. Oftentimes people don’t realize they have an entrance that’s unsafe until someone experiences a slip, trip, or fall. If going down your front or back stairs has become a challenge, it’s a good time to consider adding to or evaluating your home’s accessibility.

Railing Requirements and Why it Matters

Washington has many railing requirements. One requirement often overlooked is stairs with three or more steps require at least one handrail. Heights are typically between 33-36” for grab rails and need to be able to hold 200 pounds in any direction. A guard rail in height of 36” minimum is required at points 30” or higher that present a fall hazard. It’s important to consider these and other buildng codes for your entryways.

Assessing Your Entryway

Whether you’re getting into a new home or realizing the need for a railing installation, it’s important to note the details of your entrances. Uneven stair heights, unsecure railings, and landscape all factor into navigating your home. It’s important to factor in all seasons as well as the user comfort of that space for daily use. Talking with a contractor about a railing update or installing a railing yourself might be something that makes your space more accommodating.

Entryway Maintenance and Security

water dew on clear glass sliding window during daytimeTo maintain any existing railings and guardrails, check securing points and look for wood, metal, or cement decay. Washington’s wide range of weather can significantly affect the crucial components of your home. In some cases, if a current railing is beyond repair or does not pass multiple codes, it’s important to take steps to mitigate those problems.

Value and Safety

Adding a new railing or maintaining a current entryway can significantly add both value and safety to your home. By considering an update or maintaining your current entrances, you can add equity to one of your biggest investments. When in need of a railing update for your home, it’s important to talk with a licensed contractor or handyman to provide you with options. A fabricator will be the best bet for a custom railing, but there are many made in the USA options on Etsy and online for handrails. Consulting with a Fabricator will give you a better idea of the necessary problems to fix and a higher quality finished product.

Grant Johnson, Owner
Mindsight Metal Custom Railings

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