Give Dad What He Really Needs this Father’s Day

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Ties are great. Wallets are swell. But your dad probably doesn’t need or want those things anymore. If you want to show your love for dad this Father’s Day with something he truly needs, try these three great options:


man carrying baby close-up photographyThe circumstances of life can make time a rare luxury as your father ages. Older dads typically have children who are in their busiest years — kids in the home, tons of responsibilities at work, etc. People in this situation are referred to as belonging to the “sandwich generation” of people, typically in their 30s or 40s, who are caring for their own children while also ensuring that their aging parents have the care they need.

While you might have little time on your hands, it remains nonetheless important to spend some with your dad. This Father’s Day, your dad would probably love nothing more than time with his children and grandchildren.


If you’re going to spend time with dad, you might as well make the most of it. Ideally, time spent with dad would be quality time, and that means giving him your full attention. Put down the phone (and have the kids do the same) and engage in quality conversation. Perhaps you could play a fun guessing game together, like “my father works in a grocery store,” or listen to an informative senior-focused podcast. Maybe it’s a good time to talk about important documents, such as advance directives and wills.

Giving dad your attention not only will help ensure that you have a great time hanging out with your father, but it also can help you determine whether your dad might need a little extra help. When you get together, pay attention to his wants and needs — and how they’ve changed over time.


The odds are high that your dad doesn’t get by quite as well as he used to. This father’s day (or any time of year), at-home care assistance is an out-of-the-box (literally) gift idea that can improve your dad’s quality of life. If he needs help shopping for groceries, remembering to take medicines or any of a million other activities of daily living, at-home care could be a real blessing. Contact Take My Hand At-Home Care for a complimentary in-home assessment of your dad’s needs.

Help for dad can be a gift for children, too, because it can help lessen the stress of worrying whether he gets all the care he needs to remain safe and happy. If you have any questions or need help, please reach out to Take My Hand At-Home Care.

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