Hearing Healthcare Field Adapts to Change

This article about the Hearing Healthcare Field is contributed and authored by Diane Fox of All About Hearing.

Remote Hearing Health

Telehealth has enabled us to make changes to your devices from the comfort of your home,

If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that we’re resilient.  We’re fighters.  We’ve also learned that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.

Our worlds have undergone huge alterations that have been hesitantly accepted by those who are reticent to step away from the safety of home into uncertainty of public spaces.  Home delivery of groceries and other goods (Amazon etc.) has made it so we aren’t deprived of day to day staples. In addition, curbside pick-up has allowed us to shop local in a safe and comfortable manner.

The Hearing Healthcare Field and Technology

The healthcare field has also learned to pivot and adapt to changing circumstances to deliver patient care.  Telehealth has afforded patients the ability to see their care providers. Thus they avoid the stress and concerns associated with visiting clinics for routine visits.

In the hearing healthcare field, we’ve combined a hybrid approach to care.  Curbside visits utilize our portable equipment to service your instruments. We can even make programming changes without you ever leaving your car.  Telehealth has enabled us to make changes to your devices from the comfort of your home, whether you’re in Skagit Valley, Island County or wintering  in Arizona or California.  It’s that easy. 

Combat Isolation

Truly modern medical instruments have amazing features to help combat the isolation that is inherent with being alone, without face- to- face contact with family or friends.   Such capabilities as fall detection devices will communicate with a smart device. This smart device can alert a loved one if you take a spill. Remote programming, learned adjustments, and caregiver alerts allow the user to remain independent. At the same time, technology enables a family member to feel confident that a loved one is receiving information and reacting well in daily environments.

Our Greatest Generation

Of course, nothing will replace face-to-face communication.  But, we wait until there is widespread acceptance and use of vaccines. While we wait, our greatest generation will need to be ever-vigilant to ensure continued health and happiness. 

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