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Help with Tasks is contributed by David Rodriguez, Co-Owner – Linked Lives. This article is published in the Fall/Winter 2023 Edition of Vibrant Senior Options Resource Guide Magazine

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Alex, David, and Evan Rodriguez are three brothers who were born and raised in the Skagit Valley. They shared each other’s dreams and graduated from WSU with engineering degrees. However, after spending some time working engineering jobs in the valley, they sensed the call to do something different…to make a difference for older adults.

Previous Exerience in Help at Home

They had some talks with their grandparents about their business dream. These brothers reflected on previous experiences of helping older neighbors with more strenuous tasks around their homes. This gave senior neighbors peace of mind with their list of things to do. In this endeavor, these brothers discovered there was a need to help older adults in the community. Could this possibly be a need larger than their neighborhood? Yes!

Help With Tasks

At this point the brothers decided to start their own company together, called Linked Lives. The service isn’t about specialized labor such as landscaping or construction. It’s more about helping with the types of things that can become more difficult as people age. What are the things you did 10 or 20 years ago, but you simply can’t get to now? Your list may include all or a few of these things: lifting objects, moving boxes, organizing spaces, assembling items, hanging pictures, working with technology, or even light household chores or gardening. Any of these “to-do” items can be easily put off, but they remain a drain on your mind and your space.

Examples of Services

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  • Balance & Lifting – hanging pictures, changing smoke detector batteries, and other tasks that require a ladder
  • Organization – Garage Spaces, Closet Spaces, boxing and shelving, etc.
  • Garden Projects – weeding, planting, and general maintenance
  • Technology Help – Set-up help for tech gadgets, such as smart watches, printers, computers, apps, etc.
  • And Hundreds More Tasks!

Personal, Helpful, Dependable

These guys can help! As the business continues to grow into other communities, Linked Lives members share how impactive the service has been. What are some comments they are saying about Linked Lives? “Personal, helpful, and dependable.” Another member says that with her husband gone, Linked Lives has been “a real savior,” giving her peace of mind.

If you’re interested in seeing how they can help you, visit their website at to learn about the 100’s of odd-jobs, tasks, chores, and more that benefit the members of Linked Lives. 

Email:, or call them at 360-336-6351

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