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man in blue and black pinstripe dress shirt holding white smartphone New questions tend to surface as we start thinking about retirement.  Where have the time and the energy gone? The stairs to the bedroom have turned into the feat of climbing Baker. Likewise, the yard seemingly gets bigger every year. Consequently, these issues spur on more and more questions. Things change and, as a result, the questions get more difficult to answer. Here we will look at the questions and consider some options in retirement housing.

What Questions Are You Asking About Retirement Housing?

Is there a need for a smaller home? Similarly, is it time for retirement housing where you can be independent, but do not have to manage yard and property? Even so, maybe you want to manage your own home and property! So many options, but what is realistic? We don’t want to let go. We want our own space, a place to care for.  Yet the maintenance gets more difficult every season.  How about less mowing this year? Gardening is a joy, but picking up cucumbers from the ground has really gotten to be a pain, literally. Not to mention those monster weeds. Who plants these in my yard anyways?

Changing The Questions

What can we do to thrive during retirement?  How can I better care for my health and protect my mobility? Maybe the big garden is not worth sacrificing energy for time with friends and family. Speaking of friends and family, do you save time and energy for them? Consider the status on your social time. The National Institute on Aging says,  “Everyone needs social connections to survive and thrive. But as people age, they often find themselves spending more time alone. Being alone may leave older adults more vulnerable to loneliness and social isolation… Studies show that loneliness and social isolation are associated with higher risks for health problems such as heart disease …”  If you live alone, you may want to consider a change.

Questions About the Stairway

Do you need a home in which to age without the stairway? One fall can lead to a series of injuries and medical issues. See our article, Stairway Sensibility at Home for tips on stairway management ideas.

 Is it time for a new neighborhood, a fresh start?  Could there be a new-found freedom in a more manageable retirement?

Personalizing the Questions

What are your issues and concerns? Too tired to cook at the end of afternoon? So, how is your nutrition? Meal preparation takes time on our tired feet so we resort to easy store-bought microwave meals. Worse yet, the toasted bagels or boiled pasta becomes a common meal without protein or vegetables.

Retirement Housing Some say their schedule becomes tedious, because it takes longer to maintain and get around in a large space. Consider this. How many years have you managed housekeeping, home maintenance, laundry, meals, and social time with family and friends? How would housekeeping be easier if you downsized? Would you have more energy and a better schedule if it weren’t for home management? How would our time and nutrition improve with services available such as on-site dining options, nutritious and delicious meals, housekeeping, social opportunities, transportation, and an active lifestyle? However, you may like some of these services, but not all of them.

  Retirement living can be personalized to your choices of these options and more. Senior residents live independently and their housing is maintenance free to them.

Another Consideration on Retirement

Are you overwhelmed by the size and maintenance costs for your home? Should you move to an independent/retirement residence? Or would downsizing to another home you own be enough? So much to consider! If you would like to talk over these issues and develop a plan for future transitions, see a list of our housing communities and their contact information: Retirement and Independent Housing.

Updated January, 2022

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