What is Your Core For?

What is Your Core For?  is contributed Anthony Hamilton, Owner – Ageless Fitness. This article is published in the Spring/Summer 2023 Edition of Vibrant Senior Options Resource Guide. 

What is Your Core For?

Just About Everything! We talk about “the core” a lot nowadays. Have you wondered what “the core” is and why it’s so important for fitness after 55? Regardless of age, we must keep our core strong with exercises that promote good posture AND protect the spine.
The core includes our abdominal muscles, obliques, lower back, hips and pelvis. It keeps us stable and erect, lets us rotate from side to side, and improves performance of daily activities and sports. A strong core alleviates lower back pain, improves posture and mobility, and helps prevent falls.

A Healthy Spine

Dr Stuart Mcgill author of the “Back Mechanic” is a leading expert in maintaining a healthy spine. His research shows that sit-ups and crunches hurt people. Dr Mcgill says, “The problem occurs when you flex over and over again with load from higher muscle activation or external objects held in the hands.” Mcgill states that the spine was not designed to “create force.” Its primary function is to “resist force”. This is why the plank is most effective at building core strength and protecting the low back and spine.

Much like building a house, a strong foundation is critical. Regardless of how strong a house is, it will crumble without a foundation. This is how your core works. Having a strong core as we age enables independence, reduces fall risk, and promotes mobility without pain.

Implement Fitness Strategies

At Ageless Fitness our clients work with Certified Functional Aging Specialists that create and implement fitness strategies built around the aging process. For more useful tips and strategies, check us out at www.agelesswa.com.

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