6 Tips to Have A Better Holiday Season When Dementia Is Involved

6 Tips to Have a Better Holiday Season When Dementia is Involved is written by Valerie Feurich, PAC Team Member

Tips for a better holiday season when Dementia is involved.Are you caring for a person living with dementia? Have you wondered how the holidays will go, and how the stress and changes in routine will affect you both? Many people consider the holidays one of the most tiring times of the year.

Between family get-togethers, cooking, and shopping, even people living with a healthy brain can start to feel burned out. But, for a person that is living with brain change, the changes to their routine can feel overwhelming, too. So, what can you do to try to help you both have a better holiday season experience? 

Preview of Tips for a Better Holiday Season

  1. Smaller, simpler, shorter: This article suggests ways to reduce stress.
  2. Use retained abilities: Learn how to create moments of joy.
  3. Be ready to hear the same story multiple times: Read about how to consider these as moments to connect.
  4. Avoid direct corrections.  The author suggests ways to communicate positively.
  5. Accept general comments. Find out how to use communication techniques to get to specifics in conversation.
  6. Give room to get away if needed: Know the importance of space and how and when to give it.

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