Five Podcasts for Senior Wellness 

Five Podcasts for Senior Wellness was first published on  March 15, 2022 by TAKE MY HAND AT-HOME CARE

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The vast array of podcasts – i.e. internet radio shows – in today’s world is enough to make anyone’s head spin. From true crime storytelling to politics and health, there’s a podcast out there for practically any topic, taste or age range. If you’re of a certain adult age – or have a senior family member – it might interest you to know there’s plenty of podcasts for senior wellness.

Aging not just gracefully, but safely and healthily, is part of Take My Hand At-Home Care’s mission. With that in mind, here’s a sampling of some terrific podcasts for senior wellness:

“Aging in Full Bloom”

“Aging in Full Bloom” – Hosted by Lisa Stockdale, this senior-focused podcast features a wide range of topics. Guests have included an episode featuring Alzheimer’s caregiving advice from Patti Davis, daughter of President Ronald Reagan.

With engaging 15- to 30-minute episodes, topics about with everything from elder law to retirement advice and heart health. “Aging in Full Bloom” is a friendly, engaging choice for listeners.

“Better Health While Aging”

“Better Health While Aging” – Another podcast with practical advice health advice both for seniors and those who care for them. This show is hosted by Dr. Leslie Kernisan, a board-certified geriatrician. On the show, Dr. Kernisan discusses such topics as when to know if your aging parent needs help and how to discuss it with them.

More than 100 episodes of “Better Health While Aging” are available, so there’s no shortage of knowledge to consider here, from the topic of bladder health to how to survive the holidays with several generations of family.

AARP’s “The Perfect Scam” 

AARP’s “The Perfect Scam” – Hosted by Bob Sullivan, the podcast shares stories of people duped by scammers, including a woman who donated land to a disabled veteran’s charity only to learn it wasn’t real.

Part of the AARP Fraud Watch Network, “The Perfect Scam” includes interviews with fraud experts, scam victims and even some of the professional con artists who perpetrate them, including insight into how these grifters operate.

"Stay Wealthy"

“Stay Wealthy” – This Forbes Top 10 retirement podcast hosted is by Taylor Schulte, a certified financial planner. Listen to “Stay Wealthy” for a variety of episodes focused on what seniors need to financially live their best retirement.

Topics in each 15- to 30-minute episode include how to reduce tax liabilities, make smarter investments and conduct other retirement income strategies. All information is delivered in a relatively easy to understand way.

“New Tricks for Old Dogs”

“New Tricks for Old Dogs” – A podcast aimed at engaging the fun part of the baby boomer brain, this show co-hosted by veteran comedian Paul Menzel and includes voice actor Jim Conlan. As you can imagine, this podcast is a celebration of senior living. Each episode is chock full of fun conversation about aging challenges, and also features such elements as offbeat news items, adventuring tips, and interviews with seniors staying engaged in life.

And of course, there’s no shortage of shameless humor. The “New Tricks for Old Dogs” podcast website also features a ton of great website links for seniors, including everything from daily laughs to travel savings to healthcare.

Podcasts for Senior Wellness

With the plethora of great podcasts aimed at seniors, the medium offers an excellent way for older adults to stay up to date on health, wellness and lifestyle trends. We hope you find something on this list you enjoy. And if you want to recommend a wonderful senior-focused podcast that’s not on this list, please let us know!

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