Garden Tours: Bloomin’ Opportunities for Outdoor Recreation!

Garden Tours is contributed by Vibrant Senior Options and is published in the Spring-Summer, 2022 Edition of Vibrant Senior Options Resource Guide.

Garden Tours | Tulips in Skagit
If you’re up for it, plan a drive with a family member or friend and enjoy some of the local flower attractions in our area.

Greetings to our readers from Kirk & Christine!

Flowers are in bloom, unfolding and showing their true beauty during the Spring and Summer. With that in mind, we’d like to encourage you to get out in the fresh air and take in some of this beauty. First, consider a walk with a friend through a local park. Second, go for a scenic drive with a friend or family member. Even more relaxing, spend time hanging out on a back patio of your yard or a friend’s backyard. Also consider purchasing a package of your favorite flower seeds and plant yourself a little flower garden.

Check out the links below and plan a drive with a family member or friend. This is a great way to spend time with others as you enjoy some of the local flower attractions in our area.

Whatcom County Garden Tours

Skagit Valley Garden Tours

Tulip Festival, April 1 through 30

Tulip Town or


for ticket costs:

Island County Garden Tours

Whidbey Island Garden Tour


Camano Wildlife Garden Tour or call 360-387-2236

San Juan County Garden Tours

Snohomish County Garden Tours


Evergreen Arboretum & Gardens,

Hope you’re able to get out and enjoy a few garden walks and see the bloomin’ flowers throughout this Spring and Summer Season!

Kirk and Christine Blankenship
Publishers of Vibrant Senior Options, LLC

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