Learn (or Relearn) to Ride the Bus

Learn to Ride the Bus is contributed by Whatcom Transportation Authority and Skagit Transit and is published in the Spring-Summer, 2022 Edition of Vibrant Senior Options Resource Guide.

Learn to Ride the Bus

Both Skagit Transit and Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) have Travel Training programs.

Not surprisingly, a great number of people stopped riding the bus during the COVID pandemic. Now that it’s safe to ride again, perhaps you find you could use a refresher course. Or perhaps you’re now looking to learn to ride for the first time. Either way, Travel Training can help!

Learn to Ride the Bus with One on One Training

Both Skagit Transit and Whatcom Transportation Authority (WTA) have Travel Training programs. With Travel Training, you can work one-on-one with a certified Travel Trainer. Travel Training teaches you how to plan bus trips to the places you’d like to go. You’ll learn to read and understand route maps and schedules. You’ll learn how to purchase passes and pay fares. And you’ll learn to travel safely and with confidence.

Travel Training is Free

Travel Training is free. And it’s for anyone who wants to learn to travel independently. Travel Trainers work with people who are new to riding the bus or new to the area. They work with people of all ages and abilities. While most travel training is one-on-one, Travel Trainers can also offer group orientation, if a group of friends would like to learn more about the bus together.

Learn to Ride the Bus – The System Becomes Easier

Many people find that learning to ride the bus is easier and more fun than they imagined. And once they’ve mastered a route or two, the whole system becomes easier to use and understand. As a bonus, the bus is a terrific way to travel with grandchildren. For young kids, riding the bus is truly an adventure!

More Information

For more information about Travel Training programs:
Whatcom County, contact WTA at
(360) 676-7433
Skagit County, contact Skagit Transit at

Andrew Herndon, Travel Trainer
Whatcom Transportation Authority

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