Return to Travel – Inspiration Awaits!

Laurie Robinson, CLIA Master Cruise Counselor | Spring/Summer, 2021

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Travel? Can we do that? The short answer is “Yes!” Not to everywhere, yet, and precautions should still be taken. Did you know that planning a vacation can be just as inspirational as the actual vacation? Many of us are ready to burst out of our homes and travel to exotic places.

Oh, The Places We May Go

Well, we may not be going to “exotic” places right now, but there is still plenty to discover in Mexico, the Caribbean, and in our own country. Did you know you do not need a passport to travel to Puerto Rico or St. Thomas? And our beautiful state of Hawaii is welcoming visitors. Did I mention Alaska? What a beautiful state! Take an adventurous train ride to Denali and Fairbanks. How about riding the Dalton Highway up to the Arctic Circle? All this is possible, right now. Let us work with you to plan your return to travel for 2021 or 2022. We offer trips near and far, long and short and within your budget.

Managing Restrictions in The Return to Travel

We are respectful of all travel restrictions and can advise on pre-travel testing. And Yes, I am traveling as well. I practice all safety measures and have been fully vaccinated. I would not recommend going anywhere I did not feel was safe for my own family. Travel advisors work for you with no added expense to the trip or planning. Meet in our office, virtually, or over the phone. E-mail me at for more information.
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Laurie Robinson, Expedia Cruises
CLIA Master Cruise Counselor

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