Prevent Heart Disease Through Strength Training

by Anthony Hamilton, Fitness Trainer | Ageless Fitness - 2021, Spring/Summer

Lower or Prevent Heart Disease.

People say they want to stay “young at heart.” But are they willing to lift weights to do it? Research shows they should be.

In one survey of 4,000 people, scientists concluded that weightlifting has a greater effect of lowering the risk of heart disease than cardio exercise. The study also supports earlier views that weightlifting is better for the circulatory system because the “oxygen expenditure” is more intense. This can help lower or prevent heart disease.

How Much Strength Training is Enough?

How much is enough? Surprisingly, as little as one hour per week. “Getting in the right amount of weight training is easier than you think,” says Eric L’Italien, a physical therapist with the Harvard-affiliated Spaulding Rehabilitation Network. “And devoting just an hour per week may improve multiple markers related to heart health.”

Help Prevent Heart Disease

Heart disease is the country’s No. 1 killer and is preventable. Exercise and eating right are the top tools to improve our heart health and lower our risk for heart disease and heart attacks, according to the American Heart Association.
Check out for more strategies on improving strength and maintaining an active lifestyle

Anthony Hamilton


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This article was first published as Prevent Heart Disease Through Strength Training in Vibrant Senior Options Resource Guide in Spring/2021.

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