Eyelid Surgery: A Brighter View

by Ingrid A. Carlson, MD, Northwest/ Whatcom Eye Surgeons.

Do your eyes feel heavy and tired? Do you give up reading the books you love? Do you feel like a shadow blocks your ability to see? A simple surgery to lift your eyelids could not only restore youthful appearance, but could also bring more light into your world. Like all skin, our eyelids stretch with age. As a result, they sag and block our view. Constantly working to hold up the eyelids can cause chronic tension. However, you don’t have to keep living with tired eyes. Many people are surprised when told their eyelids are blocking their vision.
A simple surgery to restore functional, natural eyelids is often covered by medical insurance and can revitalize your eyes. Karen, a recent patient, had reconstructive eyelid surgery at Northwest Eye Surgeons – Mount Vernon Clinic.  She said, “Before surgery, my eyelids were so low that I couldn’t really see … and since the surgery, it’s nice to look in the mirror and see these nice eyes that I have. I didn’t have any pain and didn’t need any pain meds.”

Eyelid Surgery by LASER

Fast, easy, and skin-friendly, laser eyelid surgery at Northwest Eye Surgeons allows for less bruising and faster healing time. Each patient collaborates with our surgeon to custom design and achieve their desired outcome. In addition, the surgery is same day and performed in the comfort of our private surgical facility in Mount Vernon. The laser gives a natural, appealing result, both restoring youthful appearance and improving eyelid function.
Most patients need only one postoperative visit at about 10 days after surgery. In another case, a patient named Eric had eyelid surgery last fall and said, “I find my vision is quite good all the way around now, and I don’t get dry eyes like I did before. It’s really improved my peripheral vision quite a bit. I think I was in and out of surgery in about 45 minutes. I’d recommend it 100 percent.”
To learn more about improving your quality of life and restoring vibrant eyes, call us, (800) 826-4631 or visit our website www.nweyes.com.

Experience Matters

Ingrid A. Carlson, MD is a board certified Ophthalmologist practicing with Whatcom Eye Surgeons in Bellingham and Northwest Eye Surgeons in Mount Vernon. She received her training at Indiana University School of Medicine Department of Ophthalmology. Dr. Carlson has performed a wide variety of eye surgeries for over 20 years. Dr. Carlson is a member of the IAPAM, International Association for Physicians in Aesthetic Medicine. An avid supporter of international medicine, she has held the post of chief at the Yangon Eye Hospital Meeting in Myanmar, and the Imperial City Eye Meeting in Vietnam. She regularly volunteers her surgical and teaching skills as an adjunct professor in the Department of Surgery at Saint George’s University School of Medicine in Grenada. In her spare time, Dr. Carlson enjoys hiking, gardening, and crafting wheel-thrown pottery.

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