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Skagit Transit’s Paratransit is a public service, which provides specialized transportation comparable with Skagit Transit’s fixed-route bus service. It is a pre-scheduled service designed for people who are unable to get to the nearest bus stop or use a fixed-route bus. Paratransit services are available to qualified individuals in approved areas in Skagit County.

Skagit Paratransit Hours

The paratransit service operates during the same hours as Skagit Transit’s local, non-commuter routes. Those hours are:

  • weekdays, 6:00am – 9:00pm and
  • weekends, 8:00am – 6:00pm.


Paratransit Client Portal

Skagit Transit is excited to be introducing the Paratransit Client Portal with an expected ‘soft launch’ in March 2023. The Client Portal is an online scheduling tool for Paratransit clients or facilities in the area to schedule or adjust pick-up and drop-off times or dates for paratransit rides. Facilities in our community will have the opportunity to use this service for their residents and clients. The Client Portal goes fully live in September. This service is a free tool for individuals and organizations to use when scheduling rides with Skagit Transit’s Paratransit Services in Skagit County.

Easy-to-Use Tool for Scheduling Rides

The Client Portal is an easy to use, convenient tool for scheduling one-way, round trip or multiple rides on Skagit Transit’s Paratransit service. Facilities, such as rehabilitation care facilities, assisted living facilities, vocational training facilities will be using this scheduling service for all their clients and staff when scheduling their rides with Skagit Transit Paratransit. Schedule parameters, such as pick-up or drop off times, locations or additional rides can be added to a rider’s daily itinerary with sufficient time allowed, by 4:30pm, the day before.

Same Standard Fare 

Although the scheduling service is a free tool for paratransit clients and facilities to use, riding will continue to have a standard fare. Fare amounts will not change to ride the paratransit bus with the addition of this scheduling tool. Payment for riding will continue to be cash or using the Umo fare payment system. Each one-way trip will cost $2.00 or an unlimited ride, monthly pass, will cost $60.00. Paratransit clients will continue to ride the Skagit Transit fixed-route bus for no cost, which includes all local routes and commuter routes to both Bellingham and Everett.

Umo Digital Payment Card

Umo is a digital payment method for riding on board Skagit Transit buses. Riders and clients can purchase an Umo card from Skagit Transit or set up an online account with the Umo Mobility app on their phone.

Are you interested in setting up an Umo account? Several ways to visit and inquire:

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