Is now the right time to choose at-home care?

This article, about benefits of at-home care, was first published on September 20, 2021 at TAKE MY HAND AT-HOME CARE

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For most of us, there will come a time in our lives when our parents – the reliable and strong adults who took care of us as children – will need care of their own. It might be short-term, such as after surgery or a hospital stay. Or it may be longer-term, as parents face aging in place challenges like needing help with personal care or household tasks that have become harder with time.

Although the thought of bringing in a caregiver from outside of your family might initially bring up some uncomfortable feelings, exploring some level of at-home care might be important for your loved one’s well-being.

While you or a parent might be resistant, choosing at-home care assistance in meeting your loved one’s needs can relieve you or other family members of full-time caregiving burdens while preserving privacy and dignity by leaving care to a trained, non-related professional. 

Take My Hand At-Home Care provides help at home from licensed Whatcom County caregivers for elderly or disabled individuals. Services are customized to each client’s needs. 

Choose At-Home Care for Post-Op Care

Hospital discharge planning, which provides post-op care for those who’ve recently left Bellingham’s PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center, is another great service Take My Hand caregivers offer. 

Choose At-Home Care for Non-Medical Care Items

Caregivers can help with a variety of non-medical care, including meal preparation, medication reminders and prescription pickups, personal hygiene and supervised mobility. In addition, light housekeeping can include such tasks as cleaning laundry, washing dishes and changing bed linens. Take My Hand caregivers also can tackle household errands, grocery shopping and pet care, and they even can assist in social hobbies such as light gardening, crafts or holiday decorating.

Less Expensive

At-home care benefits also extend to the bank account, as hourly care can be less expensive than a higher level of care offered at assisted living or long-term care facilities. When working with at-home caregivers, clients pay only for the level of care they need. 

Ensure a Good Fit

If this type of care sounds like something you or a parent could benefit from, Take My Hand offers complimentary and confidential home care assessments at no obligation. These at-home care assessments help determine what level of care may be needed while ensuring that Take My Hand is a good fit.  

While beginning at-home care is another of life’s transitions, it doesn’t have to be an overly burdensome or stressful one, and its benefits can leave you and your loved one feeling more at ease during an important life phase. 

Aging is something each of us will face, and there’s no need for shame or guilt if a little extra help is needed. Contact Take My Hand to learn more. 

Sue Sorenson, Owner

Take My Hand at Home Care

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